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Hi, I'm TD Durham

My story starts as a young girl growing up in the Bronx, New York. I enjoyed listening to stories told by the older generation and letting my imagination run rampant. I’d write stories embellishing on the tales I heard. Being shy allowed me to express my voice and thoughts through writing.

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English Language Arts were my school favorite. The books I read opened up a whole world to me. I became an avid reader. One year, I read 51 books. Mysteries, suspense, and a well-written book are my genre choices.

We moved to Hempstead, New York (Long Island) when I was a teenager. I went to Long Beach a lot. I’d sit on the rocks writing my thoughts. In high school, I took a drama class. It exposed me to another world of imagination. My writings expanded from short stories and poems to plays/scripts. My dance, yes dance, teacher was searching for ideas for a stage production. I submitted one of my plays. She used my script. Seeing my script showcased on stage fueled my yearning to write more.

I wanted to become a journalist. I joined my high school newspaper. In the ‘80’s there weren’t many journalist who resembled me so I placed my dream of writing in the back of mind and entered Alfred University as a business major. I couldn’t get the writing bug out of my system so I wrote for the University’s newspaper as a movie critic. While at Alfred, I was instrumental in starting a chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. I graduated Alfred University with a BS in Management and Marketing. I started my business career at Republic National Bank in New York. As a Sales Manager, I wrote little antidotes for the company’s newsletter.

In 2005, my husband, four children, and I moved to a foreign country - North Carolina, my current home. It was odd living in the south… a place I never imagined living. We adopted my sister’s dog, Diesel.

I was a Domestic Engineer and Chauffer for a while before subbing in my children’s preschool.

While there I became the music and Spanish teacher, and the Assistant Director.

Monthly, I wrote a music column for the school’s newsletter.

My oldest daughter, KayLan, became a published writer before I did. She won a poetry writing

contest in Middle School where her poem was published in a book with other young writers.


Friends and family urged me to write a book. I laughed. Even with my wild imagination,

I couldn’t imagine anyone buying a book written by me. It was a foreign concept to me.

In 2009, I stopped laughing and began penning my first novel, Cancelled Flight 3236.

It started as a family project but everyone became preoccupied in their own lives. My mother

wrote her character until the end. My youngest sister got hers to the airport and my middle

sister named a character. With the urge of my youngest sister, Cancelled Flight 3236 was published in 2020, during the pandemic.

When not writing, I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, and the family dog, Loki. I love to travel, hang out at the beach drinking wine while enjoying a good book. Wine tasting, listening to music, and watching sitcom reruns and mystery movies are how I relax.

I want everyone who read my books to not only enjoy them but to know dreams can become reality.



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